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Allocasuarina thalassoscopica

(Mount Coolum She Oak)

Family: Casuarinaceae 

Endangered small tree of Mt Coolum. Separate male and female plants. Female flowers are red. Cylindrical woody cones to 30mm.

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Callicarpa pedunculata

(Velvet Leaf)

Family: Lamiaceae  

Arching shrub to 2m. Pink flowers in clusters in summer. Pinkish-purple fruit to 3mm diameter.

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Aseroë rubra

(Anemone stinkhorn, Starfish fungus)

Family: Phallaceae

"Stinkhorn" fungus that grows in mulch. Spore bearing mass, the gleba, is a brownish slime with a “rotting meat” smell. Aseroë rubra was the first fungus identified in Australia.

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Banksia spinulosa var. collina

(Hairpin Banksia)

Family: Proteaceae


Widespread shrub. Golden yellow to orange flowers in brushes to 28cm x 8cm.

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