Botanic gardens are primarily established for research, conservation and education purposes. Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens is no different; it does focus on the indigenous flora of our bioregion, which includes the coastal fringe and hinterland areas from north of Gympie to the Qld-NSW border.

The major natural ecosystems in the bushland are eucalypt woodlands on the elevated areas and riparian forest along the creek floodplains and ephemeral water courses. Open grassed areas and developed garden beds have been created in some areas. The lagoon is another ecosystem that is partly man-made and man-managed.

​Many fauna species make their home in the bushland gardens or pass through during the year. You could be lucky enough to spot a koala, a wallaby, a dragonfly, a goanna, a tawny frogmouth, a Richmond Birdwing butterfly, or a freshwater turtle in the lagoon.

Learning more about out natural environment can increase our enjoyment and help us to become more aware of our personal impact on the world around us. The following links may help. You’ll find resources to use during your visit to the Gardens and some ideas for replicating aspects of the Gardens in your own backyard.