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Diploglottis campbellii

Small-leaved Tamarind

Family: Sapindaceae

Endangered tree to 20m. Leaves alternate, to 15cm. White/Pinkish 4 petalled flowers in panicles. Flowers spring to summer. Fruits around February.

Where to look: Just down from Arts & Ecology Centre on carpark edge.

Melastoma malabathricum

(Blue Tongue, Native Lassiandra)

Family: Melastomaceae

Shrub to 2m, moist areas. Leaves opposite, 5 longitudinal veins, Pinkish mauve, 5-petalled flowers, all year. Hairy, edible fruit. Purple/blue pulp stains the tongue. 

Where to look:  Throughout the Gardens.


Melastoma malabathricum var. alba

(Blue Tongue, Native Lassiandra - White Form)

Family: Melastomaceae

Shrub to 2m, moist areas. Leaves opposite, 5 longitudinal veins. 5-petalled flowers, all year. Edible fruit. White form is rare. 

Where to look: White form in the Rain Garden & near the Friends Shelter.


Tabernaemontana pandacaqui

(Banana Bush)

Family: Apocynaceae

Shrub, semi-deciduous to 2m. Leaves opposite, hairless to 9cm. Milky sap. White 5-petalled perfumed flowers to 25mm. Banana shaped yellow fruit to 4.5cm, often in pairs, opens to show red seeds POISONOUS.  Flowering spring to summer. Fruiting around February.

Where to look: Arts & Ecology Centre. & throughout the Gardens.


Hibbertia vestita

(Hairy Guinea Bush)

Family: Dilleniaceae

Prostrate or spreading shrub to 30cm. Leaves and stems hairy. Flowers to 30mm most of the year.

Where to look: Arbour Garden opposite Arts & Ecology Centre.


Photography: The majority of the photos in this collection are the wonderful and much appreciated work of Greg & Judy Miller. Many other members of the Friends have also kindly contributed their favourite images.