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Brachychiton bidwillii

(Little Kurrajong)

Family: Sterculiaceae

Uncommon shrub or small tree to 4m. Deciduous when flowering. Brown, hairy, boat-shaped seed pods. The Brachychiton bidwillii flower is the emblem for the Friends of the Gardens.

Where to look:  Entrance of the Arts & Ecology Centre and various other gardens.


Macadamia integrifolia

(Macadamia, Queensland Nut)

Family: Proteaceae

Tree to 20m. White flowers on spikes to 15cm, winter to spring. Edible, nutritious nuts to 3.5cm in summer.

Where to look:  There are two trees at the car park exit at the rear of the Arts & Ecology Centre.


Tecomanthe hillii

(Fraser Island Creeper)

Family: Bignoniaceae

Near threatened, moderately vigorous climber. Racemes of rich pink flowers to 8cm.

Where to look: Friendship Colonnade.


Hovea acutifolia

(Purple Pea Bush)​

Family: Fabaceae

Upright shrub to 2m in open, shady forest/rainforest margins. Clusters of purple 7mm flowers. Pods to 15mm.

Where to look: Throughout the Gardens.


Dianella longifolia

​Family: Hemerocallidaceae

Tufted plant to 1m. tall. Leaves to 85cm long, base reddish. Purplish 10mm flowers in spikes. Blue to purple fruits to 10mm.

Where to look: Throughout the Gardens.

Commersonia salviifolia

(Grey Rulinga)

​Family: Malvaceae

Profuse flowering, medium, spreading shrub.

Where to look: The Sculpture Garden

Melaleuca pachyphylla

(Wallum Bottlebrush)

Family: Myrtaceae

Upright shrub to 1.5m. Flower spikes to 20cm, can be red or green, spring to autumn.


Photography: The majority of the photos in this collection are the wonderful and much appreciated work of Greg & Judy Miller. Many other members of the Friends have also kindly contributed their favourite images.