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Phaius australis

(Swamp Orchid)

Family: Orchidaceae

Endangered, terrestrial orchid. Pleated leaves to 2m long. Flower spikes to 2m, spring to summer. Formerly Phaius tancarvillea.

Where to look:  Ephemeral Wetlands and Fern Glade.


Pararistolochia praevenosa

(Birdwing Butterfly Vine)

Family: Aristolochiaceae

Near-threatened woody climbing vin with twining stems. Leaves alternate to 25cm. Tubular, hairy flowers to 20mm with hairy yellow throat. Yellow ribbed oblong fruit to 4cm.

Where to look: On trellis at end of the Friendship Colonnade.


Commersonia salviifolia

(Grey Rulingia)

Family: Byttneriaceae

Near-threatened shrub or small tree to 4m, rocky eucalypt forest slopes and peaks. Leaves alternate to 12cm x 16mm, finely hairy, paler below, sometimes lobed, greyish. 5-petalled white flowers in clusters to 5mm in spring. Bristly fruit to 4mm. Formerly Rulingia salviifolia.

Where to look: Sculpture, open area right-hand side.


Tecomanthe hillii

(Fraser Island Creeper)

Family: Bignoniaceae

Near-threatened, fairly vigorous climber. Coastal areas north from Bli Bli. Leaves opposite, 5-foliolate, leaflets to 8cm. Vivid, pink, tubular flowers to 8cm in racemes. 2-valved pod to 6cm. Papery seeds.

Where to look: Friendship Colonnade.


Hymenosporum flavum

(Native Frangipani)

Family: Pittosporaceae

Tree to 20m. Leaves alternate or whorled to 16cm, sometimes hairy and irregularly toothed. Young shoots hairy. Highly perfumed (evening) yellow and whitish 5-petalled flowers to 30mm in spring. Brown 2-valved seed capsules, flat, winged seeds.

Where to look: Outside A&E along middle carpark & throughout the gardens.


Hibiscus heterophyllus

(Native Rosella)

Family: Malvaceae

Tall, open shrub to 6m. Prickly stems, leaves alternate to 15cm, simple or lobed. Flowers large white with pink markings and deep pink centre, spring and summer. Fruit hairy capsule to 20mm with beak. 

Where to look: Throughout the gardens especially at the end of the Friendship Colonnade near Birdwing Butterfly Vine trellis. Some pink examples at the very end of the Sculpture Garden.


Hibbertia vestita

(Small-leaved Guinea Flower)

Family: Dillenaceae

Prostrate or multi-stemmed shrub to 30cm. Leaves and stems usually hairy. Leaves alternate to 7mm. Yellow flowers to 25mm, 5 petals, sessile. Spring and summer and throughout the year.

Where to look: Throughout the gardens and bushland.


Hakea florulenta


Family: Proteaceae

Upright woody shrub to 3m. Leaves alternate, glaucus or dull green with 1 main central vein; to 15cm x 4cm. Creamy white flowers in clusters. Woody fruit to 25mm.

Where to look: Opposite the pond at the entrance to the A&E centre.

Aphanopetalum resinosum

(Gum vine)

Family: Aphanopetalaceae

Twining woody vine of rainforest margins. Leaves opposite, toothed to 8cm, paler below. Raised lenticels on stem. Creamy white 4-petalled flowers to 10mm in clusters. Woody fruit to 3mm.

Where to look: