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Abelmoschus moschatus

subsp. tuberosus

(Musk Mallow, Native Rosella)

Family: Malvaceae

Uncommon, short-lived, open twiggy shrub to 2m. Hairy stems and papery pods.


Where to find: Near the Arts & Ecology Centre.


Pittosporum multiflorum

(Orange Thorn)

Family: Pittosporaceae

Spiny shrub to 2m.

Where to find: Sculpture Garden.


Hakea actites

(Wallum Hakea)

Family: Proteaceae

Prickly shrub to 3m.

Where to find:


Myoporum boninense

subsp. australe

(Mangrove Boobialla)

Family: Myoporaceae

Shrub, prostrate or up to 0.5m.

Where to find:


Cissus hypoglauca

(Giant Water Vine)

Family: Vitaceae

Large, woody climbing vine. Yellow flowers (Spring - Summer) followed by purplish-black spherical fruit to 10mm.

Where to find: Lagoon Walk


Photography: The majority of the photos in this collection are the wonderful and much appreciated work of Greg & Judy Miller. Many other members of the Friends have also kindly contributed their favourite images.