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Brachychiton bidwillii

(Little Kurrajong)

Family: Sterculiaceae

Uncommon shrub or small tree to 4m. Deciduous when flowering. Brown, hairy, boat-shaped seed pods. The Brachychiton bidwillii flower is the emblem for the Friends of the Gardens.

Where to look: Entrance of the Arts & Ecology Centre.


Allocasuarina thalassoscopica

(Mount Coolum Casuarina)

Family: Casuarinaceae 

Endangered small tree of Mt Coolum. Separate male and female plants.

Where to look: Sculpture Garden & open lawn - picnic table end.


Hardenbergia violacea

(Native Sarsaparilla)

Family: Fabaceae

Prostrate or twining vine.

Where to look: Throughout the Gardens.

Eupomatia bennettii

(Small Bolwarra)

Family: Eupomatiaceae

Slender, upright shrub to 2m tall, usually less and single-trunked. Branchlets zig-zag. Perfumed solitary, terminal yellowish flowers, winter to summer. Cup-shaped, greenish domed fruit.


Tecomanthe hillii

(Fraser Island Creeper)

Family: Bignoniaceae

Near threatened, moderately vigorous climber. Racemes of rich pink flowers to 8cm.

Where to look: Friendship Colonade.


Acacia fimbriata

(Fringed Wattle, Brisbane Golden Wattle)

Family: Mimosaceae

Small shrub or tree to 5m.

Where to look: Along the entrance to the Garden and edges of the carpark.

Hovea acutifolia

(Purple Pea Bush)​

Family: Fabaceae

Upright shrub to 2m.

Where to look: Throughout the Gardens.


Smilax australis

(Barbed-wire Vine)

Family: Smilacaceae

Prickly vine, climbing by tendrils. 5mm white flowers in clusters all year. Lightly fragrant. Fruit globose, black, to 8mm.

Where to find: Throughout the forest. Very evident along the Upland Track.

Anthocarapa nitidula

(Incense Cedar)

Family: Meliaceae

Tree to 25m. Yellowish-brown, pear-shaped, 20mm fruit, splitting to reveal seeds enclosed in red aril.

Where to look: Sculpture Garden.


Myoporum boninense subsp. australe

(Mangrove Boobialla)

Family: Myoporaceae

Shrub, prostrate or up to 0.5m. 5-petalled white flowers in small clusters. Purplish fruit to 8mm.

Where to find: Edge of the lagoon on the open lawn side. Also at end of the Sculpture Garden.