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Standing out in the Gardens in

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Melicope elleryana

(Pink Euodia)

Family: Rutaceae

Tree to 25m. Common on sandy soils in coastal areas. Leaves opposite, trifoliate, leaflets to 18cm. Clusters of 6mm pink flowers in summer. Fruit green to brown to 8mm.

Where to look: End of/behind Arts & Ecology Centre

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Citrus australasica

(Finger Lime)

Family: Rutaceae

Thorny shrub to 4m. Leaves alternate, bluntly toothed, to 40mm - aromatic when crushed. Edible, cylindrical fruit, colour varies.

Where to look: Near Kurrajong Shelter.

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Geodorum densiflorum

(Shepherd's Crook Orchid, Pink Nodding orchid)

Family: Orchidaceae

Terrestrial orchid to 40cm. Well-drained soil. Pleated leaved to 35cm. Flowers (8-20) on spike on spike. Ribbed seed capsule. 

Where to look: Throughout the Gardens.