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Pipturus argenteus

Native Mulberry; White Nettle

Family: Urticaceae

Shrub or small tree to 8m. Leaves alternate, toothed, white and hairy below. White male and female flowers on separate plants. Flower summer to winter. Edible, soft, globose whitish fruit to 6mm winter to spring.

Where to look: Whipbird Walk area.

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Trochocarpa laurina

Waddy Wood; Tree Heath

Family: Ericaceae

Shrub or small tree to 9m. Dark fissured bark. Leaves alternate, paler below, longitudinal veins visible on both sides. Tubular white flowers in terminal spikes spring to autumn. Blue-black fruit.

Where to look:  Near the carpark.

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Photography: The majority of the photos in this collection are the wonderful and much appreciated work of Greg & Judy Miller. Many other members of the Friends have also kindly contributed their favourite images.

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