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© 2019  Friends of Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens Inc. 


at Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens

​​For many years, visitors to the Gardens have been watching and admiring the bird life but members of Wildlife Qld (formerly Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld) have recorded their observations made each month when some of their Sunshine Coast Faunawatch members visit the Gardens. The Friends would like to thank Jill Chamberlain and Wildlife Qld for sharing their valuable data with us. 


Need help to identify a bird you've spotted in the Gardens? 


Using data from surveys up to April, 2019, and beautiful photos from local photographer Mary Hynes (and a few from other sources), the following collections of birds that live within, pass through or fly over the Gardens have been compiled to help you identify the birds you might see here.

Recorded in over 70% of surveys

by Wildlife Qld, Sunshine Coast.

Recorded in 40% to 70% of surveys by Wildlife Qld, Sunshine Coast.

Recorded in 10% to 40% of surveys by Wildlife Qld, Sunshine Coast.

Resources for aspiring Twitchers
(aka bird enthusiasts)

Many species of birds have been sighted and recorded here since the Gardens were opened to the public in 2001. The site was progressively and substantially cleared of native vegetation during the first half of the 20th century when the land was logged and farmed, but most farming ceased in the 1960s and regrowth of native flora species (and many weeds) has occurred since. The site was purchased to establish a regional botanic gardens in the 1990s. So the site is mainly regrowth forest with few ancient trees, but many young trees less than 50 years old.


We suspect that many flora and fauna species present 150 years ago were wiped out during the logging/farming period, and have not reappeared in regrowth bushland areas of the site. However the many flora species now present in the bushland and display garden areas do support many bird species.

Wildlife Qld hold regular 


walks in the Gardens at 8am

on the second Wednesday of each month (except January).

They invite everyone to join them in these very interesting walks to different areas of the Gardens

each month.   

The linked bird pages have some detail about 70+ bird species spotted in the gardens. Another 60 bird species were observed by Wildlife Qld's Faunawatch members on 10% or less of their surveys. Details of when the species were recorded can be found on the .xlsx spreadsheet, downloadable here.  A more printer friendly .pdf version (8 pages) is downloadable here.

A very handy check sheet listing the above species plus a list of species infrequently sighted in the gardens. Download a copy here.