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Whipbird Experience

The Village & Walk

where whipbirds are often heard, but rarely seen...

This enchanting and interactive space is an experiential garden, designed for play and to foster a deeper appreciation of our wonder-filled environments.

The Whipbird Village is a great spot for children to explore the cubbies and pods crafted from living shrubs, and play on the logs and stump jumps.


A recent addition has been the small Children's Library with fact and fiction featuring indigenous plants and animals - relax, read or share a story.

The concrete path from the Whipbird Shelter winds its way to the central Orientation Hub that features timber slab panels with interactive features about the animal, bird, and insect life found in the area. The display includes a working native-bee hive, information on local trees, and aspects of white settlement of the land on which the Gardens were established.


Whipbird Sketch.jpg

A Sensory Trail, traced by a guide rope with tactile markers, encourages children, and their carers, to sloooowww down and to use all of their senses so that they can delight in discovering the way nature speaks to us. Take time, listen carefully, clear the talking and thinking from our minds: stop, look (up, down, over), listen, wait (be patient), sense, observe, learn.


Further along the path that winds through the Whipbird area, you will find the Observation Hub which features a reflective hemisphere. This eye-catching piece prompts the observer to look up from the reflections to find those elements in the trees and sky above and around them.


There is also a new Classroom Circle which offers school classes and other groups an outdoor learning in an inspirational, bushland environment. 

Scattered throughout the Whipbird area are many natural and artistic delights - a scrub turkey nest, a termite mound, beautiful mosaics and created representations of some of the Garden residents. Visitors will need to look up, down, and around; peek behind doors and under logs to discover hidden treasures!

        Not all



          four walls.


The Whipbird's call is such

an iconic bushland sound!

Learn more about these birds

and their interesting call by visiting

our bird info pages.

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