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Walking Tracks


Road in from Palm Creek Road

Lagoon Walk

Walking Length - 900m. Natural terrain track.

This walk follows the bank of the lagoon for a while, then has a gentle climb into bushland before returning to the lagoon on the opposite side.


Sit to view the lagoon from the secluded southern end - surrounded by lush rainforest vegetation and home to many bird species. 


Feel the coolness as you cross back and forth over the creeks, and marvel at the design and workmanship of the Rotary Bridge.


Look up to tall trees - bloodwood, blue gum and tallowwood, piccabeen and cabbage palms, and down to soft brackens on the slopes, with lomandras and settlers flax on the banks.

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  • Please keep to the tracks to minimise disturbance to plants and animals.


  • These natural terrain walking tracks are not suitable for wheelchairs or strollers.


  • As tracks may have exposed roots and rough surfaces, covered footwear is recommended.


  • Wearing a hat and carrying drinking water is advised for longer bushwalks.

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Creek Walk


Walking length  - about 1.25km if you start and end at the car park, or 1.4 km if you add the loop through the Ephemeral Wetlands.

Some bushwalking experience recommended. Mostly natural, narrow, rough bush track with some steps, and minor creek crossings. Not recommended after heavy rain - can be slippery and boggy, and occasional flash flooding can occur.


This walk passes through mixed bushland forest with many eucalypts at its southern reach. It continues along the eastern bank of Mountain Creek through more dense rainforest remnant vegetation including palms, cycads, tall flooded gums, ferns, fungi and vines.


Keep a watch out for koalas high in gum trees along this walk - a few are known to live here. It is really special to spot our resident koala Lizzy who is often around. Several others visit from time to time.

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Upland Bushwalk


Walking length - 1.75 km, and 3.6 km when walked via the Ephemeral Wetlands, the Lagoon Walk and the Creek Walk.

Some bushwalking experience recommended. Natural, rough, narrow bush track with some very steep grades and creek crossings, so covered footwear and a moderate level of fitness are recommended. Sections of the track may be slippery when wet, and subject to occasional flash flooding during and after rain.

The Upland Bushwalk takes off from midway along the Creek Walk, or if you are going in the other direction, from midway along the Lagoon Walk.


The track meanders through a range of ecosystems including eucalypt open forest, and riparian rainforest. Ferns, brackens, mosses and fungi border the track, thickest near the three creek crossings.

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"Walk on the Wildside"


Brochure available for download via links here or obtain copies from the:

  • Arts & Ecology Centre

  • Information board (northern end of lagoon, near carpark)

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