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Eupomatia laurina


Family: Eupomatiaceae

Shrub to 5m. Long, arching branches. Branchlets zigzag. Alternate leaves to 12cm. Perfumed, white flowers to 25mm. Cup-shaped, edible green fruit to 25mm.

Where to look:  Along the lagoon causeway. Fern Glade.


Banksia robur

(Swamp Banksia, Broad-leaved Banksia)

Family: Proteaceae

Erect, multi-stemmed shrub to 3.5m. Stiff leaves to 30cm in whorles. Compact flower brushes to 20cm, green turning creamy-yellow, spring to summer. Woody fruits containing seed capsules, remain on bush.

Where to look: Outside A&E from the northern deck, near rock pools and throughout the gardens.


Cassia tomentella

(Velvet Cassia)

Family: Caesalpiniaceae

Semi-deciduous tree to 10m of drier rainforests. Branchlets and petioles densely hairy. Leaves alternate, compound, 8 to 12 leaflets to 6cm long. Perfumed, yellow, 5-petalled flowers to 20mm. Brown, cylindrical seed pods to 30cm long.

Where to look: At entrance to gardens, traffic island in Palm Creek Road.


Calanthe triplicata

(Christmas orchid)

Family: Orchidaceae

Ground orchid to 1.5m tall. Upright, pleated leaves to 90cm x 18cm. White flowers to 35mm on spike to 1.5m, spring to summer. Oblong, papery seed capsules to 4cm.

Where to look: Mossy Log Walk, Fern Glade