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Feature Gardens

Map of the Botanic Gardens, Tanawha

Within our natural bushland setting, you will find several gardens created to showcase the flora of the Sunshine Coast region. A little information about a few of these gardens follows.

You will find more information and a complete map of the Gardens at the Information Wall, at the start of the causeway at the end of the lagoon, or drop in to the Arts & Ecology Centre.


You might like to take a Guided Walk through the feature gardens with one of our trained volunteers.

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Fern Glade and Mossy Log Garden

These two areas are in close proximity and feature the diversity of ferns, fungi and epiphytes of our bioregion.


The high rainfall of Sunshine Coast summers is supplemented here with an irrigation system that softly delivers extra water during our drier winter and spring, allowing a collection of many species of these special plants that love high humidity and moist soils all year round.


Come and enjoy strolling through these delightful areas. If you visit a day or two after heavy rain, you may experience the sight and sound of water cascading down the lagoon overflow and passing swiftly through the Fern Glade (but please don't walk through floodwater - 'If it's flooded, forget it!').

If would like to know more about the fern collection in the Gardens, go to the Ferns Project page.

​Walking Length: Less than 1km

Surface: Concrete path in Fern Glade; Soft bark in Mossy Log Garden.

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Sculpture Garden

Find your spot to sit and contemplate each sculpture or stroll the loop walk and enjoy the way the sculptures sit in the gardens.


Eight artists used 20 tonnes of Chillago marble and Helidon sandstone in 2005 to produce many of the sculptures now placed in a secluded bushland garden and lawn setting.

At the entrance, you will find a QR Code for your smart phone to access information about each sculpture and the development of this gem of a garden.

Walking Length: 900m

Surface: Constructed paths suitable for those with limited mobility.

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Ephemeral Wetlands

Sometimes wet, sometimes dry, the ephemeral wetland can be full of plants and insects one day, gone the next. Stroll through the riparian (creekside rainforest) vegetation.


In spring, see the endangered Phaius tankervilleae swamp orchids in bloom, one of Australia's largest and most beautiful terrestrial orchids.

Take a break in the picnic shelter. Nothing like lunch in the rainforest! You may not see whipbirds, but you will certainly hear them.

Don't forget to bring some insect repellent to enjoy the walk without a bite (or ask at the Visitor Information Centre).


Walking Length: 400m loop

Surface: A concrete path and natural terrain track descending to the banks of the upper reaches of Mountain Creek.

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