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Arts & Ecology Centre - spaces for art and environment workshops, exhibits, talks and research programs. The building includes a multi-function room, workshop space, a reading room and cafe area.

The Arts & Ecology Facilities and the Gardens are owned and managed by Sunshine Coast Council. Contact Council to book the Arts & Ecology Centre rooms or outdoor areas for your function or event.               Booking information >

Map of Maroochy Botanic Gardens Facilities

Parking is easy at the Gardens. There are several sealed parking areas near to most facilities and major parking areas near the Arts and Ecology Centre. Access to other facilities such as picnic shelters and toilets are generally 'wheelchair friendly' from the car parks. There are a small number of car spaces reserved for disability parking that are very close to visitor facilities including the Arts & Ecology Centre.  Coach set down and pickup points and longer time parking are available and easily accessed even by very large coaches.

Picnic shelters are plentiful in the garden, providing dry areas in wet weather and shade during hot, sunny weather. Two large shelters have tables and chairs for 30+ visitors. Smaller shelters with tables and chairs (seating for two family groups or about 12 people) are located near the Sculpture Garden, the Whipbird Walk, the Ephemeral Wetlands and the Friendship Colonnade.

The Garden Cafe is located at the front of the Arts & Ecology Centre. The cafe is operated by the Compass Institute and offers hot and cold drinks, sweet and savoury eats. 

Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 2:30pm

(Closed weekends).

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Garden Cafe:

Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 2:30pm

​Main Gates:

April to October - 7am to 5pm.

November to March - 7am to 6pm.

Public toilets are located at the A&E Centre, below the main car parks and beside the Friendship Colonnade across the Lagoon causeway. Toilets in the gardens are cleaned daily and maintained by  contractors to the Sunshine Coast Council. The toilet system design is 'environmentally friendly' with rainwater being harvested from the toilet roofs for use in the buildings, and wastewater given primary treatment to be safely used to nurture nearby plantings.

Picnic tables and seating are scattered throughout the Gardens, often with a contemplation view to enjoy. Many, but not all, are easily accessible by wheelchair.

Eating & refuse arrangements are probably best described as BYO and DIY!


Water tanks harvesting rainwater from the roof adjoin some shelters. Do not drink the unfiltered, untreated water from these tanks. Filtered drinking water is available at the Arts & Ecology Centre.

If you intend BBQing, you will need to bring your own portable unit (LPG gas units only).


No rubbish bins are provided in the Gardens (rubbish bins encourage scavenging species which often disturb and discourage other species), so visitors are asked to take all their rubbish away when they leave.



No dogs or other domestic animals are allowed in the Gardens

& please do not feed the native fauna.


Visitors are asked not to feed fauna such as the goannas, scrub turkeys and other birds.

We are trying to maintain a good balance of species in the Gardens. Some fauna species develop very bad habits when people feed them.