Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Project

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Prior to April 2021

The Friends' Birdwing project team (very ably led by Everard Klootz) worked on the project design, firstly the concept plan for the whole project, then the more detailed design for the first stage, ('A' on the map above) and built a design model. Photos show some of the final planning. Some understorey vegetation was removed and existing trackwork modified to clear project space and workspace. Council granted funding towards the costs of artworks to be eventually applied to this stage, and agreed to project manage the construction.

Node A drawing.jpg

This Friends project was initially proposed in 2019, with planning completed in 2020. Work began in 2021mainly focusing on developing the first (of four) display areas along the trail. Funding for this project has come from community donations, Friends of MRBBG contributions and from Sunshine Coast Council (notably towards the artwork included in the design). It is anticipated that the project will be completed and opened late in 2021.

The project includes a new track through bushland SE of the large Kurrajong shelter on the eastern side of the lagoon. The  new track branches off the main vehicle and pedestrian track about 100m past the shelter, and weaves through bushland beside the lagoon, eventually meeting up with the firetrail that is also the first part of the gardens Lagoon Walk.

Wording from the on-site public information poster:

"The Friends of Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens Inc are designing, funding and building a series of Richmond Butterfly vine support structures which will evoke the four stages of the endangered Richmond Birdwing Butterfly cycle. During this process the Friends have consulted and collaborated with Council.

The Friends have initiated a program of inviting local artists and artisans to participate in a further enhancement of this project.

This initial stage, Node A, will include the work of Manning Daly Art.

These artworks will depict the adult butterfly and egg stage of its life cycle.

Council is project managing this component of the work.

A recent Council Grant will be used to fund a large component of the art work."


Planning drawings and model (photographed at the site) developed by Everard Klootz

April, May, June 2021, Construction of Node A (first of the four stages) begins

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03GM ed.jpg
04GM ed.jpg
06GM ed.jpg
05GM ed.jpg

Thanks Friends John McCabe and Greg Miller for these great photos