Guided Walks

For insights into various aspects of the Gardens and the conservation of Australian bushland environments, join in on a Guided Walk conducted by trained Friends' volunteers.

Guided Walks

Various themes, dates and times.

Meet at the entrance to the Arts & Ecology Centre. Walks take approx. an hour.  We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, sunscreen and a hat. A water bottle is a good idea, too.

Themed Walks

Booked Guided Walks are tailored to each group's areas of interest, duration, and other aspects such as the time of day.


These walks are available for groups for a small fee. See Booking Conditions.

To arrange a booked walk, contact our Booked Walks Co-ordinator. Please email

Booked Walks

Booked Walks Booking Conditions

  1. Bookings are subject to guide availability.

  2. Bookings are suitable for groups of 7+, with a desired maximum of approx.1 guide per 12 visitors.

  3. Booked walks are subject to a fee of $2 per visitor, to be paid on the day, before the walk begins.

  4. Bookings must be confirmed by the visiting group two weeks prior to the visit.