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Proposed and Incomplete Projects underway in the Gardens

As well as routine maintenance and tidying of the gardens, the Sunshine Coast Council and the Friends both have continuing projects in mind for the gardens so the gardens develop, grow and change. Work on some has already begun, while others are still at the planning stage but work should begin in the near future. The Friends are keen to see all these projects completed and open to visitors as soon as possible.

Western Tall Gums Walk

This project was first proposed by the Friends in 2019. Sunshine Coast Council purchased land west of the gardens in 2015 and renamed it the Tall Gums Reserve. After a number of exploratory expeditions through the Tall Gums reserve, the Friends decided it would be great to have a walking track for gardens visitors to use, and access this beautiful area. Sunshine Coast Council granted the Friends funding for mainly for environmental studies and landscaping equipment contracting. Track building work begins with the Friends in June 2021. 

This project was initially proposed in 2019, with planning completed in 2020. Work began in 2021mainly focusing on developing the first (of four) display areas along the trail. Funding for this project has come from community donations, Friends of MRBBG contributions and from Sunshine Coast Council (notably towards the artwork included in the design). It is anticipated that the project will be completed and opened late in 2021.

Birdwing project smallest.jpg

Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Track

Gardens Entry Area Redevelopment

In 2020, Sunshine Coast Council decided that this area needs redevelopment, and contracted a landscape architect to plan the works. The Friends have seen the initial plan and were asked to comment, which they did.

Notes and photos of progress on this project can be found on the Sunshine Coast Council website.

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