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Botanic Endeavour 250

Celebrating Banks & Solander

18th May 2020


What's Happening?

The Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens will join Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand are celebrating 250 years of the discovery by European botanists of the flora of New Zealand and Australia’s east coast in 1769 – 70 and over 60,000 years of indigenous knowledge.



This celebration involves botanic gardens and arboreta throughout New Zealand and Australia commemorating the voyage of Captain Cook on the ‘Endeavour’, during which Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander made a comprehensive collection of native flora. Cook circumnavigated New Zealand in 1769 and sailed up the eastern coast of Australia in 1770.

More about the Event's Significance

Pressing over 520 new Australian species unknown western science and making thousands of botanical illustrations, Banks and Solander took these back to England to excite the botanical world. Prior to 1770, the First Nation people of Australia over a period of over 60,000 years had discovered the ethnobotanic use for native flora for food, medicines, tools, clothing and building material. After European settlement, the significance of our bushland as a place to sustainably harvest was often overlooked. Native forests became resources to be swiftly used or an impediment to farming and the growth of cities and were rapidly cleared. This “consume at all cost” mind set had a devastating impact on the viability of both flora and native fauna.


Slowly the mindset of the general population has changed and native plants and animals are now more widely appreciated and utilised in gardens and parks. Our native species are being explored as a sustainable source for food, medicines and building materials.


Today, the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Garden is working in educating the community of the importance of our native plants and animals, and is actively conserving species that maybe at risk of extinction.

Reference: BGANZ “Botanic Endeavour 250” pamphlet



250 years ago on the 18th May, the ‘Endeavour’ sailed past the Glass House Mountains and Double Island Point on the Sunshine Coast. So, we're celebrating at the Gardens in May with a special event on the 18th.

Maroochy Bushland

Botanic Garden

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The Maroochy Bushland Botanic Garden will celebrate

“Botanic Endeavour 250” on

May 18, 2020.

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Botanic Art Exhibition

Watercolor Leaves

The Friends Botanic Art Group will display their artwork of plants collected by Banks and Solander. The exhibition will be held in the Arts & Ecology Building at the Gardens during May.  More details to follow soon.


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Kabi Kabi Plant Use Trail Opening

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This new native plant use trail will become a significant feature for the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Garden and will allow a much closer connection between the local Kabi Kabi peoples and other visitors to the Botanic Gardens.



AAFBG Conference Excursion

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During the AAFBG's annual conference at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens in May, attendees can opt to join an excursion to Maroochy Bushland Botanic Garden.


Find out more about what's happening throughout Australia here.

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